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"Cockadoodle" Music by Leland Martin - She rules the roost

Video "Cockadoodle"

"Chill Factor" Musik by Chris Anderson - Last night

"Canadian Stomp" Musik by Shania Twain - Any man of mine

"Catalan Up" Music by Kevin Fouler & George Jones - Me and the boys

"Chattahoochee" Musik by Alan Jackson - Chattahoohee

"Chica Bomm Boom" Music by Alex Swings Oscar Sings - Boom Boom goes my heart

Video "Chica Boom Boom

"Chicken fried Stomp" Musik by Zac Brown - Chicken fried

"Clickety Clack" Musik by Travis Tritt - Southbound Train

"Coastin" Musik by Ronan Hardyman - Lord of the dance

"Cotton pickin morning" Musik by Blake Shelton - Cotton pickin' time

Video "Cotton Pickin Morning"

"Copperhead Road" Musik by Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

"Cowboy Charleston" Musik by Ty England - Shold've asked her faster

"Cowgirl Twist" Music by Alan JAckson - Chatahoochie

"Crazy Legs" Musik by Hank Williams jr. - Hog wild

Video "Crazy Legs"

"Celtic Slide" Muisc by Shamrock - Tell me ma

"Country Heart" Music by Dixie Chicks - Hello Mr. Heartache

"Coyote" Music by The Kentucky Headhunters - Singin' the Blues

"Cowboy Up" Music by Clay Walker - Bury the Shovel

"Conrado Cha CHa" Music by George Strait - I just want to dance with you

"Cowboy Strut" Music by Tracy Byrd - Walkin' to Jerusalem

"Chuck & Cowboy" Music by Dan Davidson - Found

Video "Chuck & Cowboy"

"Corn don't grow" Music by Travis Tritt - Where Corn don't grow

Video "Corn don't grow"

(Corn) Music by Blake Shelton - Corn

Video "Corn"

"Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights" Music by - Robynn Shane - Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights

Video "Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights"